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5 Piece Bonnie HD-925 Modern Bedroom Set

French style taken from the elite during the Romantic. The Spectacular Bonnie HD-925 modern Bed is designed with the out most respect. Hand carved this 5 piece set is delightfully elaborated. With its light gold & gold finish and Silvery Brushed tones on the Crafted details, along with Bonded Leather

Set include: Bed-Dresser-Mirror-2 Nightstand 

Bonnie HD-925 EK Bed  57.7″H

Bonnie HD-925 CK Bed  57.7″H

Bonnie HD-925 Nightstand  29.5″L x 17.3″W x 24.6″H

Bonnie HD-925 Dresser  65.4″L x 19.7″W x 31.5″H

Bonnie HD-925  Mirror 47.2″L x 47.2″W x 1.38″H


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