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Americanstar Isabella Latex Plush Top Mattress

The Isabella Latex mattress.The flat surface comes from natural ventilated latex that provides the best support for any position while you are in your bed. This helps keep your spine naturally straight and is an excellent way to reduce back pain and aches.

  • 2″ Natural Ventilated Latex, an enviromental friendly material provides the best support for any position while in your bed.
  • As a result of keepingyour spine naturally straight, This superior support helps promote better health.
  • Bamboo fabric has anti-bacterial properties three times more effective than cotton products.
  • 3/4″ Temperature Sensitive Foam (Gel Memory Foam) adjusts and molds to the weight and shape of your body, significiantly reducing pain and discomfort associated with disruptive sleep.
  • 16 CFR1633 FR approved
  • 11″ Height



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